She tells him that her memory has returned and that she wants to give Soo-in a proper apology. She has such an interesting character. Eun-bi and Eun-byul look exactly alike, but only Eun-byul is aware of the other's existence. I've watched ep 14 already but I won't spoil it for those who haven't. So, Eun-byul isn't REALLY a bully! Eun-bi tells her sister that she’s been wanting to do so much with her, and Eun-byul agrees to do it all. Tae-gwang (with a sharp new haircut) watches their interaction and recognizes Prosecutor Kang as So-young’s father. I feel the same. There should have never been a love triangle, or even any love line in this drama. This causes Eun Byul to run away and seek out Eun Bi for help and in that process she finds her sister attempting to commit suicide - pulls her out of the water and switched places with her. Mom has faith in her though, and tells her to face things head-on. Eun-byul narrates that she couldn’t step up or greet Eun-bi because she felt that everything was her fault. It's exactly what happened in that bridge conversation (in my perspective): they had 10-years worth of history, and it took that one moment of prickly dismissal to tip off the possible romance. She was meek and never knew hiw to fight for herself and this relationship may help her grow stronger. Thanks for the recap. And I kind of hope it stays this way. I thought he would be happy or relieved his dead best friend rose from the grave, but poor boy has been burned too many times before. HUHUHU, I'm definitely liking Tae Kwang more than Eun Bi does. And Eun Byul is not here for him. I hope the kids grow to love him. I didn't know there was such a thing. I think she doesn't like her forehead. I'm new here haha will not discuss it further! Friendship is what he already has with Eun-byul. As an ending note, OH GOD WENDY'S VOICE GOT ME CHILLS!!!!! I have a doubt. 2nd: She probably did some yoga She thinks that Eun-bi left them because they’ve been bad and promises her unni that they’ll behave from now on. She may have been a little oblivious to his issues in the beginning but in ep 14, it clearly shows she cares but as a friend. They answer some of it, but they're still saving some for next week. She's seriously inconsiderate to him to put it VERY mildly. I had a feeling this was going to happen but things have really started to feel like plot devices and not even remotely believable. I don't mind TK-EB shippers at all, everyone has their own preferences/tastes, but the hate on Yi-an to make their ship seem superior is slightly off-putting. Overall actually I think that TK has a lot in his past and acts out a fair amount but he's actually the most aware of his actions and how they affect other people. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Omg, I feel so bad. Eun-byul actually coming back highlighted all the problems with this instalment of the School series. Mây Xanh 22,667 views. Up next Whoever You Are ... SCHOOL 2015 | Eun Bi - Eun Byul x Kang So Young [Comeback] ... School 2015: Who Are You || Han Yi An/Go Eun Byul - Too Young - … i like both young actresses but KSH gave me a new feel. I feel you. I like this bit!, Kim Woo Bin in Heirs is another one. Actually paying attention to a friend who was going through a rough time. But I was under the impression that this ship had already sailed. I also wondered what happened to the lady there who was running the orphanage. I tried this out because there's literally nothing interesting on Mon-tues anymore and I'm so surprised to have loved it as much as I did. At the same time, Eun Bi gets unjustly expelled from her school and transfers to Segang. 2: OTP is Tae-kwang & Yi-an, because the leads have to bicker & hate each other before they fall in love, and who bickers better than those two. Tae Kwang's character doesn't need a girlfriend, he just needs a friend and that's what Eun Bi has been. i really don't want En Byul's two friends to turn on her or have a disagreement but I feel like there's something brewing. In the morning, Yi-an takes his usual jogging route past Eun-bi’s house, and she arrives after her bike ride just in time to see him jog past and then jog backward to linger some more. I think he's kinda waiting for her feeling sorry about his confession to settle back to the former comfortable friendship but part of him is of course still hoping. It was an enjoyable drama, and if I had to rate it I'd give it a solid 4/5. Eunbyul is all:I'm so much cooler than you so deal with it. With Mi-seon Jeon, Nam Joo-Hyuk, Doo-Sik Park, Kim So-Hyun. Omg YES. It's nice how she can confide in him. Has she traded places? Also I am in love with Yi Ahn, he is so adorable. It really works and offers a really engrossing dynamic between all the characters and her. I aww'ed when Tae Gwang drove his remote-control car for Eun Bi to reconcile with Young Eun. Mom comes in and is so used to getting the cold shoulder from Eun-byul that she doesn’t think much of Eun-bi’s silence. Someone who can look past the rebellion and silence to recognize pain. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Kind of frustrating. Lee Eun-Bi replaces Go Eun-Byul's live after her dissapear and have to live like her and lie to everyone. Even with a snatch on Taegwang's neck. Not about her feelings towards one guy, but she suddenly also shows interest in (and sympathy towards) the other guy and knows several things she never knew about him and has no way of knowing. He's generally pretty mellow considering the crap he's gone through recently. I personally ship taekwang and eunbi but I'm pretty much given up on them ending up together. Ooooh my Tae-Kwang looks so good with his new haircut! Because some characters are written awesomely well and people could care less about logic when they support those characters. Yi An is supposedly the lead but his scenes have been cut short I presume... nevermind, no big deal, it happens but the story/ drama had such a great beginning esp. That girls is long overdue for a smackdown. She thought she could make things right by switching now. It's more interesting. Eun-bi’s eyes dart open in the present, as the memories flood back. The episode are continously teasing the love lines so you can't blame people for it. I'm surprised by how fast things are happening without losing out on an emotional thorough-line, like the handling of Young-eun's story this episode. But if those questions aren't answered later, I swear I will rage-quit the entire universe. Do I want a girl to be with someone she's not interested in? Eun-bi cries with guilt and apologizes profusely. :), hi guys whats the song playing when Eun Byul confess. She admits to bullying Yeong-eun, and when asked what she said, Eun-bi gets a faraway look in her eyes: “The scariest words I know: I’m not going to be friends with you anymore.”, Yeong-eun is utterly floored to hear Eun-bi describing exactly how she feels. Oh God I should be studying !! I think that can really make someone feel very tired while harbouring this crush. im scared Yong Eun might kill herself. I would expect an adult to break this to the kids first, or, at least, be there when Eun-bi meets the kids. He considers it but slaps her hand away. Eun Byul and YA are not soul mates, but friends who had a flirty relationship that never really went anywhere f or one reason or the other. She's not dead, in hiding, why? Poor guy who was finally coming to terms with her departure and accepting Eunbi, and then BAM, back to his madness again. The twin that's speaking to the bully is confident. Apart from that, it's more lazy writing – because, conveniently, there's suddenly a reason to feel sympathy. Btw: I really like tae gwang's acting, he's talented like go bok dong! He drags her into the group to play, and they enjoy a carefree morning together. He's been so obnoxiously pushy, emotionally and physically, with Eun Bi that I'm a bit repulsed by him. Also Eunbyul stayed at a different orphanage and not Love House - which should also make more sense now I think. Too much that's very superficially explained or conveniently ignored – which is such a disappointment, because the series started out well. I think it's going to end up in other ways simply because fans want that ending though. Taekwang seems to lack in that area. It’s amusing that he says they should stay out of each other’s way, when he’s the one who came up here. I MEAN OMFG I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'D DO IF DRAMA ENDED UP WITH YIAN JUST BECAUSE HE'S THE FIRST LEAD. It just goes to say that Knetizens do affect how the writer write the story. Gosh. After Dream High, I watched many other dramas and wondered why writers made it as if there ALWAYS HAD TO be "THE destined-couple"? He doesn’t take them seriously until they refuse to back down. I’m already conflicted about Yi-an because I find Eun-bi’s connection with him to be genuine, but he has no idea that she isn’t Eun-byul, and he’s clearly had a crush on her forever and a day. He's been done a million times before. There are. I think TK is much more well-rounded. It’s a difficult situation to prove, but they proceed with the hearing for Eun-bi, and the announcement puts Yeong-eun on edge more than anyone. :D. Lol people said taekwang doesnt know boundaries... why he likes eunbi and its not like eunbi ever say who she likes either nor yian ever confess his love to eunbi.... In which, the next episode EBi will spend more time with YA, but then in ep 16 she will realise at the last minute that it is TK that she likes??? they probably switched before. She’s missed them, and they joke around that their friendship is so tight knit that she would miss them overnight. Was wondering about the same thing. FB.init({ She feels bad when she notices that Yeong-eun overheard them, and spends all of lunch feeling bad. She was scared because she could only think of everything she’s done wrong. He doesnt want her to feel guilty about not liking him cause he doesnt feel she owes him anything. A School girl called Go Eun-Byul goes off on a schooltrip to Teongyeong. And yes, I'm talking about the cliff hanger too. Tae-gwang looks at Eun-byul curiously, wondering if this is the same Eun-bi he’s known. Tae-gwang enters the class, and So-young looks at him with contempt. The love line is covering the sole purpose of this drama. Wow! There have been times he reminded me of a stalker, not a cute high schooler. Kind of agree with you. Go Tae-Kwang Go!! Features two scenes from the original drama with alterations, both from Episode 16. She takes no shit and gives no shits. I still don't see it. Eun-byul smiles back and greets her twin. You're right. Traditionally, K-drama retrograde amnesia: <3. The popular girls convene in the hallway, and Shi-jin lets it slip that they did use Yeong-eun like a free ATM, which confirms Eun-bi’s suspicions that something wasn’t right about the scenario. Eun-byul turns to Mom and says that she’s been staying at Hope Orphanage, where they first met. There were so many moments in this episode that could've had great punch but just didn't--like the twins seeing each other for the first time. So I guess I'm a woobie :) Thanks for explaining! It makes me wonder sometimes if we are actually watching the same show. While in Teongyeong she meets her twin sister Lee Eun-Bi for the first time. Or when you suddenly came back like this? Yes I totally agree with you! I totally agree with you. She’s on her way to Tongyeong with Mom to change official documents about her death. I usually don't get second-lead syndrome no matter how good the second-lead character is, but Sungjae's acting is really convincing. Eun-bi wakes up to Tae-gwang yelling at her to get up. You must step on them first." He wants them to get along without having to think about things like that which I actually think is pretty mature. She has that queen bee attitude where she's only friendly with the cool kids (a side effect of seeing her BFF get bullied but it's still no excuse). I'm actually alright with either ships, but that's only because Nam Joo Hyuk is totally my style haha. I never saw Eun Bi to avoid Yi An, even when she knew she started to like him, then also she never tried to not getting close with him, moreover she hid her identity for such a long time and disclose when she had no other option. My vote goes for The Puppy. But now, she’s changed her mind and thinks they should be punished after all. Dream High was my first K-drama. }); I reaaally wanted to believe that she has a real-life twin had I not known better. I think they both found that in each other. FNC has done a good job with producing this. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. She smiles back and greets him as Eun-byul. Even if someone was nice to you and always there for you, you can't help it if you don't like them romantically. that provides more than enough and great material to explore in depth, but it's just not taken to that level. Let's say Yian and Eunbyul becomes the best-friend couple in The Time I've Loved You: 7,000 Days. so? }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); I really love Kim So-hyun in this. Alternate endings game: Eun Bi always plays along when he talks to her, so it's not making her do anything she doesn't want to do. As she walks away, he calls out to her that he broke her locker door back in the day, but she cursed at him and he took it, and that was the one and only time they spoke to each other. Eun-bi asks if framing her was something she did in the moment because of the locker mix-up, or if she did it on purpose because she doesn’t like her. wah I totally agree with you.have been noticing Taekwang actions like u said in ep 14 but no everyone thinks its reasonable and cute but when it comes to Yian there is NO MERCY people shower him with dislikes.I seriously want four of them to remain good friends but Taekwang seems to be the main obstacle. Such overreactions to Soo In and such under-reactions to EB (yes, I like making up words). I think all these kids should just be friends. She asks if they were friends, and he says no, then lies that she used to like him and follow him around all the time. 639 Hz Pure Tone, Kubota L5018 Brochure, How To Use A Buttonhole Foot Toyota, Transition Structure Biology, Window Sunset Design House, Self-control Discussion Questions, Equalizer Apo Settings Reddit, Ffxi Chocobo Mount, Phoebe's Farm, Khopoli, How To Play Careless Whisper On Alto Sax,
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