This is where the resistance bands really show their superiority, the more you throw out the harder the resistance. Don’t raise your hips, but focus on your back. I have done millions of these and this is one of the staples of my normal workouts.” – Charles  (Julie’s too :)). Clap or Plyo Push-Ups. . Then raise them so that the weights are up, but keep the elbows stationary. Flat Dumbbell Chest Press 23. Your blog is informative and interesting. The P90X supplements are more expensive. “Lose your weights because you don’t need these. P90X Round 2 Classic Day 46 Workout - Chest, shoulders & Triceps Mood - Good Wt - 116 ... 12 - 5lb Throw the bomb 5 Clap/Plyo pushups 10 - 5lb Slow-mo throw 20 - 5lb Front to back tricep extensions 0 - One arm balance pushup 15 - 5lb Fly-row press 25 - 5lb Dumbbell cross body blows During the chest/shoulders/triceps day of that phase, Tony instructs you to do a modified, above the head triceps extension, called Throw the Bomb. All you do here is move your forearm between the up and down position while keeping your arms parallel. I went from 205lbs to 185; leaner and stronger than any time in my life. Just keep doing what you do. 18.Throw the Bomb. These are just like standing tricep extensions but you are adding the Front part to the exercise. P90X Final and This Month's Rotation. This was a very cool exercise. (+5 Bonus Reps at 10 lbs.) Which means you will be eating to build muscle, not just lose fat. Great resource. This is going to be a long post! ... 3lb weighted arm circles 12 - 7lb throw the bomb 10 clap pushups girly 10 - 7lb slo-mo throw 10 - 5lb front to back tricep extension 10 one arm balance pushup 10 - 7lb fly row press Clap or Plyo Push-Ups. If you want a 25% discount sign-up as  a “Coach” and spread the word! Clap or Plyo Push-Ups. I loved every minute of it. But this one . My  personal favorites are all the interesting variations on tricep exercises; from Throw The Bomb to Side Tri Rise, you’ll be pushing and punishing your triceps every which way. With the bands you stand up and do the same thing, except you are bringing the bands behind your head. Here we start out with what I’m weakest at: Push-ups. It’s finally over! So have fun! I am not really a writer, but a workout fiend who happens to have a blog. Throw The Bomb = 10 Reps (each side) at 20 lbs. Bend your arm so that the weight is lowered behind your head. You go 4 seconds down, then 4 seconds back-up. 12 reps 10 lbs. Throw the Bomb. Slow-Mo Throw [1:17 sec]: Sit in a chair, arms by your sides, raise them straight before you, and then bend at the elbows to bring the weights by your hears. I’m a P90X disciple, and caught this reference back when I first started the second phase. I love workouts that are just absurd and I have found it. Clap or Plyo Push Ups = 15 (+2 Bonus) Front to Back Tricep Extensions = 12 Reps (each side) at 15 lbs. So what did I love about this workout? I would give it 6 Charles Faces but due to company policy that is not allowed. It's designed with a heavy dose of resistance … Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The Dumbbell fly, the upright row, the overhead dumbbell press, then the reverse curl. All I can say is that my body felt the “shock” after a week of cardio, yoga, and core synergistics. Throw the Bomb - P90x Style! There is completely no hassle; there are no other From warm-up to cool down. Throw the Bomb - 1-arm, overhead triceps extension, while standing. Throw the Bomb [1:08 sec]: Stand in a boxer’s stance, hold a light weight in one hand overhead, and cock it back as if about to throw it. I don’t know if I was just tired or what, but for whatever reason, this workout was the hardest for me by a long shot. The single mission of this website is very simple: Get You In Shape. Two Twitch Speed Push-Ups [1:43 sec]: Do 3 fast push-ups, and then 3 slow push-ups at Tony’s count. One-Arm Balance Push-Ups. P90X Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps Review Pablo 2013-01-23T11:24:03-05:00. This is just a straight up no-frills shoulder fly. P90x worksheets 1. Y-Press [39 sec]: Stand straight, hold the weights by your side, and then elevate them into a shoulder press, but push them out wider than shoulder height to simulate a capital Y. This concludes my review on P90X Chest Shoulders and Triceps. I’ve been utilizing it as a reference for quite some time. But it’s kind of got lost out there in fancy gidgets and gadgets and stupid things that don’t work. P90X Chest Shoulders and Triceps – Review. Day 29 of P90X of Chest Shoulders and Triceps was a pretty fun routine with a new crew consisting of Dave (a.k.a. Like the name states you are lying on your back. Then you change your grip to a standard push-up when your hands are at shoulder width. Front to Back Triceps Extensions 22. If you’re using dumbbells, this is just like throwing Cross-Body punches with dumbbells. You stop when you can’t do any more. Hold a light weight you’re your head, and elevate it back as if about to throw it. After you come out of that, you do a side lateral raise. ® • P90X Chin-Up Bar (+ Chin-up Max, if you struggle with pull-ups) • Bench or chair WORKshEET • ChEsT & BACK • DIsC 1 R: reps W: weight Get better results and recover faster! Pike Press [48 sec]: Go into downward dog, butt in the air, feet on tiptoes, and lower your head to the floor for a push-up. This one seriously kicked my ass. Sweet review! Throw the Bomb. Weighted Circles [1:09 sec]: Stand straight, extend arms out laterally, and then do small circles with light weights in your hands. Throw the Bomb Clap or Plyo Push Ups Slow Mo Throws Front to Back Triceps Extensions One Arm Balance Push Ups Fly … Finish up and do some jumping jacks, some running lunges and you’re done with the warm up. Then come up to a side plank as we see Julie here doing side planks. Throw the Bomb. I am using the Bodylastics resistance bands. A triceps exercise, and another favorite of mine. Your email address will not be published. 19.Clap or Plyo Push-Ups. Great, Great Exercise. When your arms are in front of you, bring your hands back to your ears then go back to the parallel position with your arms in front of you, then bring your arms back down to your sides. Floor Flys [1:29 sec]: This push-up requires a sliding surface, either a piece of cardboard or a towel. The Chest, Shoulders & Triceps workout is is my least favorite P90X strength training workout. This is basically the same as a standard military press or shoulder press, but when you press up you come up in a Y-position. Need more P90X worksheets? I’m not sure what exactly I want to take on after this round of p90, but I’m certianly open to suggestions! This exercise kicks serious ass with resistance bands. I was like what in the hell have i done to myself. Side Tri-Rise [1:21 sec]: Lie on your side, legs extended out at a 30 degree angle, and press your hand against the floor to raise your torso off the ground. Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps are harder to make big changes on because the weight variance is so big between weights. Side to Side Push-Ups [55 sec]: These are traveling push-ups, where each time you go down you cross over to walk back and forth across the floor. Be sure to point your elbow straight up at the ceiling. Meaning instead of only going back behind your head, you also go in front of your face. issues to do aside from placing it about your waist. Lift them stiff arm before you to shoulder height, then lower then. Finally, a hard workout so far everything you may have heard about P90X Chest Shoulders and Triceps DELIVERS. I never thought about doing it. I was already tired by the 4th exercise. I believe this works better with resistance bands because the resistance increases as you go up. 18 TRICEPS - Throw the Bomb 19 CHEST - Clap or Ptya Push-Ups 20 SHOULDERS - Throws 21 TRICEPS - Front-to-Back Triceps Extensions 22 CHEST - One—Arm Balance Push-Ups 23 SHOULDERS - Fly-Row-Presses 24 TRICEPS - Dumbbell Cross-Body Blows / 13 Warm-LP (8:52) j 24 zo 2-0 R R 20 R 30 Water Break (0:53) -2-0 10 13 16 RIO w w 2-0 10 R IOW R RIO w Slow-Mo Throws 21. (Again, one of Julie’s favorite bootcamp exercises. Slow Motion 3 in 1 Push-Up [2:23 sec]: Start with 3 slow push-ups, hands wide, following Tony’s count, and then do another set with hands at regular width. It was nice to have a “recovery week” at the end of the first block. I loved this exercise. This is where the resistance bands really show their superiority, the more you throw out the harder the resistance. If we neglect this, we can’t develop the shoulders and the chest as well. © Copyright 2010-2020 Extreme Fitness Results L.L.C. Haha I know exactly what you are talking about Joe, first time I did P90X I was all amped up when I got past Phase 1…..Just like you I was thinking I was about to to breeze through Phase 2…then I felt like I got punched in the face Mike Tyson and got put back in my place. Great review. Just as the name states, all you do is shuffle side to side on your hands and feet (or you knees, if you suck like me) and do regular push-ups. - Duration: 2:23. Do some chest stretchers, some lateral arm extensions, and then just hang down, holding your elbows, hanging side to side.Then get on hands and knees to do a combination of cat/cow. Then if you want bust out a ton of fast ones as a bonus with Tony. Not true. Do a push-up, and do the other side. I’m on my knees. I will note where. It’s so hard that even the 1 woman and 1 guy were doing push-ups on their knees at this point. 18 TRICEPS - Throw the Bomb 19 CHEST - Clap or "Iyo Push-Ups 20 SHOULDERS - Slo-Ma Throws 21 TRICEPS - Front-to-Back Triceps Extensions 22 CHEST - One-Arm Balance Push-Ups 23 SHOULDERS - Fly-Row-Presses 24 TRICEPS - Dumbbell Cross-Body Blows R 01 RT3 10 WORKSHEET CHEST, SHOULDERS, c Warm-Up (8 13 17 10 w & TRICEPS .52) DISC 9 (.ð R Is Zo … You start out with a normal wide “grip” push-up, but as the exercise name states, you do it in slow motion. I didn’t discuss 1 arm push-ups for a reason. If you are using dumbbells, you’re doing the Skull Crushers I just mentioned. Front to Back Tricep Extensions [1:22 sec]: Stand straight, hip cocked out to one side, elbow pointing at the sky, and lift and lower a weight behind and before your head. Most guys think the biceps is the only way to add size to your arms. Do a final 3 sets at military push-up width, still going slow. 18 Throw the Bomb 19 Clap or Plyo Push- Ups 20 S/0-Mo Throws 21 Front-to-Back Tricep Extensions 22 One-Arm Balance Push-Ups 23 Fly-Row Presses 24 Dumbbell Cross-Bodv BIO WORKSHEET R REPS W = WEIGHT WEEK 12 R WEEK 7 CHEST. Dumbbell Cross Body Blows Ectomorph meaning that I have a small frame and very lean muscle mass, basically a skinny guy in my upperbody. As you may remember, the sheer number of push ups requires a woman, no matter how strong, to eventually drop to her knees to pump them out. This exercise really kicks ass with resistance bands. You start out with a normal push-up but with one hand on the piece of cardboard you slide out with your hand then push yourself up then slide back in. I just started phase 2 of P90X, and so, this what I walked into after the recovery week. This was an unbelievable workout. One Arm Balance Push Ups = 13 Military Style (with Leg Raise) Fly Row Presses = 8 Reps at 15 lbs. Here you pick your number and stick with it. And if you start comparing labels, the P90X stuff seems pretty inferior. No more than 1 hour after exercise, drink 12 ounces of water mixed with 2 scoops of P90X Results and Recovery Formula®. SHOULDERS TRICEps No more than 1 hour after exercise, drink 12 ounces of water mixed with 2 scoops of P90X Results and Recovery Formula®. Dumbbell Cross Body Blows = 10 Reps (each side) at 20 lbs.Ending with Ab Ripper X It’s a great resource and I genuinely value it. It’s just good old fashioned weight lifting 101, this stuff has been around a long time. Good job Joe, Keep up the work, drop me a line if you need anything. These are just like normal tricep extensions…but, yep you’re leaning to the side. I thought after phase 1, that I was ready to crush this DVD. Good job sir! We all want em, we all focus on it, but most rarely see the kinds of gains they want, but the P90X arm exercises can change all that. Excited to do this for the first time tonight. Cool off with some ballistic stretching, shaking your arms out, followed by some huggers. I’m actually kinda grateful for that because it’s where I need the most help, and I know it. The jury is in recess about this exercise. I have been blessed with the gift of good health and want to share it with you. This destroyed me! Tony actually goes airborne for this exercise; very impressive. Here, you need a piece of cardboard or something that will slide easily on the floor. Join Me. If you’ve made it this far you should be in great shape and ready for it, or at least think you are. Use your arm that is off the ground to place is on the ground in front of your chest or wherever is comfortable, and then uses your arms that are already on the ground to grab your shoulder. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I think I may have done some of these in the past; I used this as a recovery from the Floor Flys. Switch hands half way. The challenges found within are enough to test anybody, even a fitness fanatic, so prepare to push yourself. Julie also uses this in her boot camp classes!! I finished week 4 and did Yoga X and Core synergistics yesterday and then today was the start of phase 3. So yeah! Plange Push-Ups [1:00 min]: Get into the position for a military push-up, and then slide your hands down to your rib-cage. To make it harder, raise a leg. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Place your other hand on your shoulder. P90X2 Review – Shoulders + Arms + The BOMB. I’m currently in week 5 of rd 2, and continuing to get results/improvements. After killing myself with all the push-ups, I’m back in familiar territory. we start out with a bang. As a result I was having minor back problems and getting flabby. Raise them back up to a straight arm, and keep your elbows in place. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. With all the other P90X workouts, they were decent, but I would not call any of them hard, where I actually had to dig down and apply some serious effort to complete the workout. Throw the Bombs; Plyo Push-Ups; Slow-Mo Throws; Front-to-Back Triceps Extensions; One-Arm Balance Push-Ups; Fly-Row-Presses; Dumbbell Cross-Body Blows; At least with Chest, Shoulders & Triceps, the number of TRX-ready P90X moves is dwarfed by the number of those that aren't particularly susceptible to TRX treatment. If you want size, pick a heavier weight and do lower reps. You get your body into a pike position, with your legs spread open, your butt high in the air and your hands spread out (mind out the gutter). The only difference is you’re not using a football – you are using a weight. Doing a push-up and throwing yourself off the ground so you’re completely airborne. The standard or Clap versions is you do a push-up but throw yourself up in the air and do a clap, come back down and do it again. This is probably because of my ectomorph upperbody. I much prefer the Chest and Back P90X workout, and the Shoulders and Arms workouts over this. I just had to throw “the BOMB” in there, I loved my workout this morning. Same here. I’ll be checking in regularly. Thank you for the info/guidance. Triceps, Shoulders, Arms, Abs - Duration: 0:38. 37 mins 45 secs, Intense. Incline Dumbbell Chest Press - Dumbbell chest press with torso at an inclined angle on the bench. These rock!!). The only difference is you’re not using a football – you are using a weight. I was pretty much done after this exercise. Raise your hand straight before you while you sit in a chair and bend at the elbows. P90X Round 2 Classic Day 66 (part 2) Chest, shoulders and triceps Mood - Rrrrrumble! Throw the Bomb. Interlace fingers before you and roll shoulders forward, and then behind your back and stretch our your shoulders and pec. ® • P90X Chin-Up Bar (+ Chin-up Max, if you struggle with pull-ups) • Bench or chair WORK shEET • C hEsT & BACK • DI sC 1 R: reps W: weight Get better results and recover faster! Clap or Plyo Push Ups = 14 Front to Back Tricep Extensions = 8 Reps (each side) at 20 lbs. All you do here is arm circles with as much weight you can for the time allotted. If you are using resistance bands, you just did these a minute ago. I am going to do this workout again later in the week and confirm if it was just as hard. The amount of push-ups required are over the top. The nutrition plan is designed to help you change your body composition, not just just lose weight. Same as DVD. Here are the strength changes over the last 90 days of P90X. If you have not started P90X yet you do not do this work out for a month so you will be stronger then than you are now) Weighted Circle. Slow-Mo Throw. An Independent Team Beachbody Coach, P90X Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps Review. Enjoy this workout. It’s big, full of large muscle moves, and will leave you feeling jacked and pumped like nobody’s business at the end of it. When you go down into the push-up, slide a hand out to the side on the towel. With your weights or resistance bands, bring your arms out so they are parallel to the floor with your elbows in the up position. Not true. I did like this exercise, but would have liked it better if the 2-Twitch Speed Push-up didn’t destroy me. Fly, Row, Press 24. WORKSHEET WORKSHEET WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 9 WEEK 11 WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 9 WEEK 11 This routine is … Throw the Bomb 12 reps 5 lbs. Sit on your heels and finish of with your child’s pose. The best part of P90X is this – here is where it just gets out of hand. Chair Dips [50 sec]: Place your hands behind you on a chair’s edge, and then lower yourself. I’m now in my second round of P90X doing “doubles” and utilizing a much healthier diet. They are called 2-twitch because you use your fast and slow twitch muscles for this exercise. Imagine you are a quarterback and are throwing a bomb (throwing a football as far as you can). Pour Flys [1:03 sec]: Stand straight, raise your arms laterally till they are extended out horizontally, and then turn the weights as if pouring a jug of water onto the floor. (Julie actually did these in her boot camp class last week and had a few people wanting to do the same thing!!). Throw The Bomb = 8 Reps (each side) at 20 lbs. This is just a fancy name for doing 4 different exercises and combining them into one. These weren’t as hard as I thought they were going to be. Need more P90X worksheets? If you have resistance bands they are exactly the same- “These are more commonly called “Skull Crushers.” If you’re using dumbbells while lying down you extend your arms straight up and only using your triceps you bring the weight down to the sides of your face and back up again. Reverse curl back down. All you do here is do a normal push-up. If the thought of One Arm Push-Ups and Plyo Push-Ups doesn’t make you gulp, than you should be applying to be an Army Ranger already. This is the first workout of this program that I’m glad to see it’s over. The stretches begin with some head rolls of various kinds, and then some shoulder rolls, both forward and back. I could have crawled into the fetal position and started sucking my thumb for comfort. Great, Great Exercise. These are the exact same thing. Cool down and stretch. Do some reach and chest stretches, and then segue into some arm rotations. I find this can place a lot of strain on the shoulder, so I keep this exercise to 10+ repetitions. The GUNZ!!!! You know the drill by now. As you will notice, a lot of the exercises are incorporated from some of the other P90X workouts. :p. Interested? And you’re done! If you want tone, pick a lower weight and do higher reps. Julie and I outlined this in Bench Tricep Dips here. Fly-Row-Press [2:02 sec]: Stand straight, raise the weights in a fly, elbows bent, then lower, bring the weights up to your ears and do a shoulder press. The slow twitch is exactly the same as the slow-motion push-ups you did earlier. Incline Dumbbell Chest Press 20. Most guys think the biceps is the only way to add size to your arms. If you choose the right weight, it will seriously burn after a few seconds. Last week, I started my second “block” or phase of P90X. . Everything. Do P90X Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps. Most guys, want big arms, did you know that building the triceps gives your arms an overall increase in size? This was sort of the odd man out push-up. Self processed fitness missionary and author of most of the ridiculous fitness articles written on Charles Lloyd I’ll post some more remarks as I continue on into the program. Do some shakers, some huggers, some swimmers, and finish it off with some reachers. In & Out (Not the hamburger) Shoulder Fly, Insanity – Max Cardio Conditioning – Review. For being so hard, I am giving it a preemptive 5 Face Charles Award. Most guys, want big arms, did you know that building the triceps gives your arms an overall increase in size? Do 4 of these with each hand then switch arm. Then do some pot stirrers, then rock like an elephant as your rise. Do a push-up, and at the top arch your back for height. Extend the arm, then return it to the cocked position. If I wasn’t done already then I didn’t express my tiredness in the 2-twitch push-up. By the way, I love your blog and the work you put into it. P90X, on the other hand, is designed with a different purpose. Throw the Bomb [1:08 sec]: Stand in a boxer’s stance, hold a light weight in one hand overhead, and cock it back as if about to throw it. With some of the most advanced bicep and tricep moves backed by years of scientific reseach, you are getting some of the most functional fitness application with the P90X arm exercises. “Davey”), Phil, and Laura (an older woman who survived P90X with her daughter; no her daughter is not on any of the instructional DVD’s). Slow-Mo Throw. By far the best workout of the P90X series. this was THE one. Do this workout and over 100,000 other workouts in Workout Trainer for iOS & Android by Skimble. Overhead Tricep Extension [43 sec]: Hold a heavy weight behind your head with both hands, and straighten your arms so that the weight is raised above your head. But a great exercise. Scarecrows [49 sec]: Get some light weights, stand straight, and hold your arms out to your sides, forearms vertical so your hands are pointed at the ground. Imagine you are a quarterback and are throwing a bomb (throwing a football as far as you can). Overview: This workout is extreme. A triceps exercise, and another favorite of mine. You have done all these before; you are just combining them. It was an incredible challenge, and one I found myself struggling to complete some of the exercises described. Get your P90X work outs today. These are just like the scarecrows you did previously but your arms are parallel from shoulder to fingers. It works out some serious pectoral muscles and triceps as auxiliary and practically killed me. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Lots of sugar--I also ranked them in terms of calories per gram of protein, and the P90X stuff is higher in calories compared to all the rest. Dumbbell Cross Body Blows [57 sec]: Lie on your back and throw punches at the sky with weights in your hands. Extend the arm, then return it to the cocked position. Then you jog with knees wide, then heels to butt. This program made me long for the first Phase’s Chest and Back DVD. I am a firefighter who spent the first 7 years on the job holding a recliner in proper tv viewing position during my down time. And that’s why it works. Mass Phase P90X Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps Modifications ... 18. One Arm Balance Push Ups = 13 Military Style (with Leg Raise) Fly Row Presses = 12 Reps at 10 lbs. Then using the arm that is in front of your chest push to rise up your body. I love this!” – Charles Lloyd. This was also done on the Shoulder and Tricep Days, but were called Lying-down Tricep extensions. You do 4 fast push-ups followed by 4 slow-motion push-ups. Todd Warren 70,959 views. I appreciate it man! Dumbbell Cross-Body Blows. Fly-Row-Presses. In & Out Shoulder Flies [44 sec]: Stand straight and hold your weights by your side. Clap or Plyo Push-Ups [29 sec]: Do a push-up with enough spring that you come off the ground and clap your hands, or come off the ground altogether. I have never done push-ups this way but Julie teaches this in her boot camp classes. Weighted Circles + Throw The Bomb. Lying Tricep Extensions [53 sec]: Lie on your back, weights held above your head, and then lower them to the ground on each side of your head. Side Leaning Tricep Extensions [33 sec]: Sit on a chair, lean to one side, and raise a weight so that it’s above your head. The warm up for this workout is about 8:45 minutes, and kicks off with high knees, and then transition into jogging on the spot. Front to Back Tricep Extensions. The Plyo version is doing a push-up but throwing yourself off the ground so you’re completely airborne. In earlier article I have mentioned my body is a endomorph / ectomorph split. Front-to-Back Triceps Extension. Oh boy more Push-ups! It’s fun and informative reading. Then you do a push-up so the crown of your head touches the floor then come back up. P90X Chest Exercises - All the moves in 2 Minutes! The only difference between this and a normal push-up is you have your hands next to your rib cage, versus higher up. Throw the Bomb 19. The only difference is you are standing up if you have dumbbells. Tony says: The reason why chest, shoulders and triceps are in one workout together is because this is all about taking the energy and the resistance and pushing it all away from you. So it’s very important to work out the triceps as much or as hard as we do everything else. This is sort of like the Scarecrow and Throw the Bomb put together. It’s VERY effective and one of her favorites as well. It’s very cool to watch Tony do his thang. One thing I noticed right away is that there was only one shoulder exercise using heavier weight, the Arnold Press. However, the cake is clearly taken by Tony’s ridiculously challenging final exercises. Boy, I was wrong. pushups liked to kill me today. While foodies can craft this plan into a culinary tour de force, it’s also easy for on-the-go types to throw together three simple squares on the P90X3 plan. It’s a smoking shoulder workout. This is a great bodyweight exercise. Then you change that to military push-ups (your hands are close to your sides). That said, the fifth week started out with a real bang with the P90X Chest, Shoulders and Triceps program. Go get it in my Beachbody web store. Lift them again out to the sides to shoulder height, and then lower them again. This was also done in the Shoulders and Arms day. These final exercises will allow anybody to push their limit, and the rest of us to struggle and strain and feel a sense of accomplishment for even just hanging in there. One Arm Balance Push-Up [1:29 sec]: Do a push-up then roll over to one side and lift a hand to the sky. One Arm Push-Ups [46 sec]: Get really wide feet, go down on one arm, and switch every other push-up.
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