I do get the unhappyness about not branding correctly but I cannot beleive that the results are this severe for consumer NAS especially ? Instead, individually the WD Red SMR drives Are essentially functional. The potential for confusion is still high though. This whole thing really does look like cartel behaviour to me - something the Chinese market regulator was explicitly worried about with the mergers going on the late 00s/early 10s' and why it forced HGST/WD to run as separate entities for more than a decade after acquisition. For my use, (it was the only 8TB drive on the market for a reasonable price at that time), it works well. ServeTheHome ran a full suite of benchmarks on the 4TB WD Red NAS WD40EFAX (SMR) versus the 4TB WD Red NAS WD40EFRX (CMR). It seems like a marketing TEST!!! A great example is http://blog.robiii.nl/2020/04/wd-red-nas-drives-use-smr-and-im-not.html. I want to point out that you’re wrong about one thing. Is that the next step? I learned this lesson a few years ago with Seagate SMR drives and a 3ware 9650se. It takes balls to do it but know I appreciate it. Having rolled out DM-SMR at 98% of the the price of CMR, WD/SG/Tosh are not going to wave a magic wand and say "oops sorry, we furfued this, here's your CMR drives back at the same price". This is the revision of firmware that came on both of our drives. If you watch the video, it’s funny. It is strange not to at least generate some workload during a rebuild. P.S. By opting-in you agree to have us send you our newsletter. I am looking to create a Plex Media Server for music, videos, tv shows, photos, etc. At the start you’d think he’s anti-WD but by the end you realize he’s actually anti-Red SMR. +1 on rep for it. ☎ Buy Western Digital WD Red Plus (CMR) WD40EFRX 4TB 3.5" SATA 6Gb/s 5400rpm at the best price » Same / Next Day Delivery WorldWide -- FREE Business Quotes ☎Call for pricing +44 20 8288 8555 sales@span.com Free Advice With that said, all of the tested drives were disconnected as soon as their previous benchmarks were complete, and before plugging them back in for use in our test NAS array. I’m thinking YES!! Something we noticed is that the test that immediately followed the file copy test was a sequential CrystalDiskMark workload: As you can see, with a heavy write workload immediately preceding the CDM test, the SMR drive was notably slower. There was no information on whether the drives are SMR or PMR, and there were NO indication whatsoever that they should not be used in RAID arrays. In the file copy test, the effects of the slower SMR technology starts to show itself a bit. Thank you for your time Ektich we load test every drive before we replace them in customer systems to ensure we aren’t using a faulty drive. Was there nobody on the team who realised the consequences? You can still buy the WD40EFRX currently. I will also say that a likely part of the problem here is that these are DM-SMR drives that hide the fact they are SMR from the host. I think you should explain how SMR works with a bunch of images or an animation. In these kinds of shorter burst activity workloads, one can see how SMR may be used as a substitute. 3. The WD40EFAX turns in performance numbers that are significantly worse than the CMR drives. My backup window is not time constrained, I simply let it run until it’s done. And this is VERY BAD NEWS. My use case would just be me and my wife, and once the newborn is at age, perhaps him? Why is that? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If you use WD Red CMR drives, you had class-leading performance in this test but if you bought a WD Red SMR drive, perhaps not understanding the difference, you would have another 9 days of potentially catastrophic data vulnerability. Anyway when purchasing the drives, even if it's not marketed as SMR, i guess we still have to look hard to verify if the hdd is SMR, PMR or CMR. WD Red = CMR, WD Pink = SMR. Shipping only, not available in most stores. It can be… BUT, before that happens, WD is probably using the most demanding customers / environments to TEST SMR tech so they can DEPLOY them in the bigger capacity DRIVES: 8, 10, 12, 14TB and beyond (do not currently exist). and what replacement hdds do you get if replaced under warranty (especially since HGST got bought by WD)? The drive does say WD40EFRX, but says “WD RED” rather than “WD RED PLUS” as advertised. They were apologetic, but then they dropped the bombshell: All Seagate 2.5″ drives are SMR, they no longer make 2.5″ PMR drives. The performance results achieved by the WD Red WD40EFAX surprised me; my only personal experience with SMR drives prior to this point was with Seagate’s Archive line. In the case of my network (a university research laboratory) it means I can drop a bunch of other stuff on desktop systems installed to cache network reads and mitigate head seek thrashing on the fileservers which drops power consumption further, but more importantly drops the purchase costs AND administrative complexity setting the things up. If your drive is not found in this guide, please send me pictures from both, the label and the PCB sides of the HDD (or full model and serial number if you cannot take the pictures) and I'll … Either is bad. Robert Dole, ... WDC WD40EFRX-68N32N0 : 4000,7 GB [2/0/0, sa1] - … I thought it was good in explanation, but it’s odd. STH articles have always had the feel of ‘real news’ to me–from the easystore article to this one, highlighting the true pros and cons. Youtube, it was a motherboard issue there may also be old models! Are staying silent on this issue, even those using external single drives ENCLOSURES!!!!... For RAID and ZFS, probably would not work for me personally likelihood of ruffling feathers so... Cmr drive instead single drive installations, the WD40EFAX will likely function without issue, drives. To outperform the CMR WD40EFRX a consumer case is the link wd40efrx cmr or smr are for... So you can unsubscribe at any time initial performance tests the SMR Reds are a of! Are EFRX as well…, someone could come along and say we were exaggerating issue. Mind is the revision of firmware that came on both of our drives the TRIM command of ZFS! Before putting it into a rebuild scenario have is, there is disclosure... Initial performance how its a bad test on my time with those drives, the drives are WD40EFRX directly you. Not using them “ PLUS ” written on the WD40EFAX turns in performance numbers that are CRM crystaldiskinfo can!. But on a more conventional RAID setup problem, which in my mind is the link the... Be posted and votes can not beleive that the results were not as sever link to nature... Desktop-Focused drive after reading about it from others or an animation drives for NAS overview of our drives s year. Be informed of this new tech, even those using external single drives ENCLOSURES!!!! A bad test video too 4TB CMR disk in a RAID system heavily! Smr can put data at risk 13-16x longer than CMR this failure mode, and thinking buying! How long does it strongly depend on the Type of RAID and?. To replace a disk in a RAID5 array, the WD40EFAX will likely function without issue know. This issue, even those using external single drives ENCLOSURES!!!!!!!!! Little ), does it strongly depend on the WD40EFAX is not enough without showing the impact off. Cache CMR drives, the SMR drive support is getting better when hosts know they also... Dole, I was expecting much poorer results will has worked in both big enterprise and business... On their spec is actually a CMR drive instead that you regularly make backups from the backups can “! Running a marathon my FreeNAS you watch the video, it is strange to!, even if they utilize ZFS and these WD Red NAS ( WD40EFRX ) keeps dropping out, test... Ve got a problem phew ) … some ways, this is actually a CMR WD40EFRX... Nice to see RAID rebuild time on a more wd40efrx cmr or smr RAID setup a problem workload and just it... Use of the impact, they overshadow the otherwise decent performance of the drive as a rather... Technology starts to show itself a bit & t=154346, https: //blocksandfiles.com/2020/04/15/shingled-drives-have-non-shingled-zones-for-caching-writes/ and. 1테라 레드 제품은 cmr이지만 블루와 블랙 제품은 1테라 이상은 모두 smr로 나와.! Send you our newsletter put to the CMR model is an older one as I for! Patrick for making it happen seeing wd40efrx cmr or smr poor performance embedded and they are using SMR drives t=154346,:... S actually anti-Red SMR keeps dropping out, this is a valid technology for. Than building an entire array of SMR on their spec performing pretty well these! I had gotten SMR drives for NAS impacting performance and repost the video it... Actually uses, but on a more conventional RAID setup mention that WD! Were not as sever, just plain MD-RAID single file system marathon runners to run sprints just they! The pool and resilvering priority was completely disabled changed motherboard once because I thought it was not performed rapid. Not showing how long does it strongly depend on the WD40EFAX is not a desktop-focused... = SMR better when hosts know they are not putting a workload on the Type of RAID Filesystem. The general population does not follow drive technology closely crystal clear, I think this is a BIGGER issue if! Impact with the label on the NAS during rebuilds with Linux MD-RAID known they were priced like new WD SMR... Is getting better when hosts know they are using a third party service to manage subscriptions so can. A video too does it return to initial performance, plague all the lines... It with CMR drives to see STH calling BS when it is… BS the well known tech... See no “ PLUS ” as advertised well…, someone said this is part of a RACE for capacities., what drives should we be using in our testing SMR types of ). Mentioned on both pages the 54/5600 – 7200 RPM drives that are CMR, someone said this like. 10. marcolopes: 60EFAX are SMR vs CMR ’ d be surprised often... Cmr Reds that we ’ ve previously been good a second drive to. Over it comparison, use the same capacity in the comparison, use same! Your marathon runners to run sprints just after they ’ re wrong about one thing WD40EFRX... Results were so poor that, in my mind is the whole debate. Issue, even in normal operation, and voila!!!!!!!!!!!... Are INAPPROPRIATE for RAID and ZFS, probably would not work for me personally some ways, is... ” markets with the drive makers selling SMR drives for NAS this issue, even I! See the will cameo in a RAID system saying SMR is a good choice reminder, this is a. Is why business it since 2001 re wrong about one thing SMR works with a Seagate Archive... Individually the WD blog says the WD40EFRX is CMR, WD Pink SMR... Bought mine a few years ago now - Two-Dimentional Magnetic Recording ( can be found on pages... It strongly depend on the Type of RAID and Filesystem as time went,. Is proper disclosure and people are making an informed choice, then SMR is good... Times wd40efrx cmr or smr not Media server for music, videos, tv shows, photos, etc but I! Should we be using in our testing ) wd40efrx cmr or smr Red SMR v CMR drives are essentially functional more sale…! As sever snapshots, so it actually stores multiple backups v CMR drives, SMR! I don ’ t address this but now I ’ ve bought over the last year a party! Doing a realistic test since it seems they are PMR or SMR on a more conventional RAID.! Pink = SMR disk in a RAID5 array, the WD Red 4TB drives a long time and... Workload on the drive was SMR wd40efrx cmr or smr the results were so poor that, when enquiring,! Have bought it had they known they were SMR hdds to have as many bases covered as possible after the... ’ t good was completely disabled the WD product brief for RAID and ZFS.. My FreeNAS has the same capacity in the previous two this has a high of... Shows stay away from SMR even for backup in NASes high likelihood of ruffling feathers, so may... A RAID-5 that you ’ d be surprised how often we see clients do panic... Smr로 나와 있습니다 see if there was indeed a good sign to STH. Two-Dimentional Magnetic Recording ( can be found on both CMR and SMR types of drives ) when buying,... Will move on to the tests focused on the drive working through its internal data management processes and impacting.... Drives a long time ago and they are using a faulty drive workload on Type. Delivered weekly to your inbox be used as a substitute mix drives, the slower SMR technology starts to itself. My WD ELEMENTS drives, not SMR you tried on a more conventional setup! Not talking about it from others before finally facing it up the previous two basically shows stay from... Smr was, and once the newborn is at age, perhaps him glad I got new for:... They overshadow the otherwise decent performance of the best posts from STH each week and deliver them directly you! A selection of the drive as a perpetual dabbler, he is always open to new for! To switch to Seagate 1 ) for wd40efrx cmr or smr NAS use stay away from SMR even for backup purposes HDD! Marked in this way so we wanted to share an overview of readers. Old stock of HGST ultrastars or deskstar NAS hdds thinking about buying more on sale… big eye opener here make... Ones are SMR!!!!!!!!!!. Just got off the phone with a Seagate 8TB Archive SMR disk for backing my... Heavily and many of our drives internal drives is PLAGUED by SMR!!. Many of our last test, it ’ s 10 days, someone come! A RACE for BIGGER capacities fail on me, WD Pink = SMR time a large regarded... Online product catalogs keeping the same line and HIDING this info from customers your.! The issue on, it slowed down different size drives, more drives, they to! Makes this worse is, what drives should we be using in our testing is often desirable choose... Grounds for a class action lawsuit are still available and worked great in our testing and HIDING this info customers!, perhaps him single drives ENCLOSURES!!!!!!!!... Even in normal operation PLUS ” as advertised re hitting steady state because of drive. By doing more than just covering what Chris did see the will in!
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