Saint Clair Area School District is governed by a 9-member board that is elected to serve four-year terms (with no compensation), the Pennsylvania State Board of Education, the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Pennsylvania General Assembly. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, 280 district students received free or reduced-price lunches due to low family income in the 2007-2008 school year. [130] By 2015, Pennsylvania is spending over $27 billion on public education (local, state and federal resources combined). In science, 53% of the school's 8th graders demonstrated on grade level science understanding. A foster child whose care and placement is the responsibility of the State or who is placed by a court with a caretaker household is eligible for both a free breakfast and a free lunch. [87], In 2013, the average teacher salary in Saint Clair Area School District was $47,053 a year, while the cost of the benefits teachers received was $22,392 per employee, for a total annual average teacher compensation of $69,445. A uniform form is furnished by the PDE and submitted to the board of school directors for approval prior to the beginning of each fiscal year on July 1. The tuition rate for Pottsville area is set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education at 9,669.04 for 2013-2014. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for St Clair School District R13 locations in Saint Clair, MO. JACQUELINE DORMER / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER The Saint Clair Area Elementary/Middle School on S. Mill Street in the borough. The Saint Clair Area School District did not participate in: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's Environmental Education annual grants;[140][141] Education Assistance Grants; 2012 Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy grant;[142] 2013 Safe Schools and Resource Officer grants; nor the federal 21st Century Learning grants. The failure of districts to agree to participate was cited as one reason that Pennsylvania was not approved. 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Russell National School Lunch Act, "Saint Clair Area passes budget with tax hike", "Saint Clair Area School District Enrollment and Projections", "School District Comparative Analysis Profiles", "Pottsville area says no to Saint Clair Area Merger", "Saint Clair Area, Pottsville Area to hold meetings Wednesday on high school program", "561 Academically Challenged Schools Overlooked by the Department of Education", "8 schools in Valley jilted, audit reveals", "Special Performance Audit Report - Pennsylvania Department of Education", "Three of top school districts in state hail from Allegheny County", "2009 PSSA RESULTS Saint Clair Area School District", "Saint Clair Area Elementary School Fast Facts", "Saint Clair Area Elementary/Middle School Academic Performance Data 2014", "Pa. school rankings: Downingtown STEM No. Eight public school districts received exceptionally high funding increases of 10% to 16%. This proposed budget must be considered by the board no later than 90 days prior to the date of the election immediately preceding the fiscal year. Property owners apply for the relief through the county Treasurer's office. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, from 2003 to 2010, as a whole, Pennsylvania school districts amassed nearly $3 billion in reserved funds. The program called for the state to audit the district, at no cost to local taxpayers, to identify ways the district could save tax dollars. [186], Saint Clair Area School Board did not apply for exceptions to exceed the Act 1 index for the budgets in 2010-11. falters", "More Pa. school scores decline than improve, state report card shows", "Saint Clair Area Elementary Middle School Academic Performance Data 2013", "Saint Clair Area Elementary School Academic Report Card 2012", "Saint Clair Area School Academic Achievement Report Card 2010", "Grading Our Schools database, 2009 PSSA results", "Saint Clair Area Elementary Middle School Academic Achievement Report Card 2012", "PSSA Results Math and Reading School 2008", "Grading Our Schools database, 2011-12 Science PSSA results", "Science Results by School and Grade 2008", "Understanding the No Child Left Behind Act", "Pennsylvania Academic Standards Science and Technology, Ecology and Environment", "Saint Clair Area School District Special Education Data Report LEA Performance on State Performance Plan (SPP) Targets School Year 2011-2012", "Saint Clair Area School District Special Education Data Report LEA Performance on State Performance Plan (SPP) Targets School Year 2008-2009", "Special Education Department - Annual Public Notice of Special Education Services and Safeguards", "Senate Education Committee Holds Hearing on Special Education Funding & Accountability", "Public Hearing: Special Education Funding & Accountability Testimony", "Special Education Funding from Pennsylvania State_2010-2011", "Special Education Funding 2011-2012 Fiscal Year", "LRE Index Scores and Identification for Monitoring", "FINAL REPORT OF THE BUREAU DIRECTOR'S ADVISORY PANEL ON LEAST RESTRICTIVE ENVIRONMENT FOLLOWING GASKIN V. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION SEPTEMBER, 2005—JUNE, 2010", "Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) and Educational Placement for Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)", "Placement Options for Special Education", "Gifted Students as Percentage of Total Enrollment by School District/Charter School", "CHAPTER 16. The enacted Pennsylvania state Education budget included $5,354,629,000 for the 2011-2012 Basic Education Funding appropriation. [104] The U.S. Census Bureau reports that Pennsylvania spent $8,191 per pupil in school year 2000-01. In 2010, Pennsylvania spent over $24 billion for public education - local, state and federal dollars combined. The results of the survey will be shared through our Title I Newsletters and at Title I Family events. A specific timeline for these decisions is published annually, by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. See details about Saint Clair Area School District. Saint Clair Area School District has 47.10 square miles of land area and 0.39 square miles of water area. The fourth grade is tested in reading, math and science. [181] For the school budget 2014-15, 316 Pennsylvania public school districts adopted a resolution certifying that tax rates would not be increased above its Act 1 Index limit. The mission of the Saint Clair Area School District is to work with the community to provide a safe, welcoming, student-oriented learning environment in which each student is challenged to reflect, question, and create. State – 76%, 2011 - 69% (12% below basic). State - 68%, 2012 - 63% (11% below basic). GRADES. State - 78%. This was a $305 million increase over 2013-2014 state spending and the greatest amount ever allotted by the Commonwealth for its public schools. State - 77%, 2012 - 57% (26% below basic). In December 2009, the district administration reported that 166 pupils, or 30.7% of the district's pupils, received special education services. Districts were offered a choice of levels of implementation for limiting or prohibiting low nutrition foods on the school campus. School districts are required by state law to keep 5 percent of their annual spending in the undesignated reserve funds to preserve bond ratings. When screening results suggest that the student may be eligible, the district seeks parental consent to conduct a multidisciplinary evaluation. Another 171 school districts adopted a preliminary budget leaving open the option of exceeded the Index limit. The district has the option of applying for several other state and federal grants to increase revenues. [200] The Food and Drug Administration requires that students take milk as their beverage at lunch. The policy is in response to state mandates and federal legislation (P.L. The State is paying $500.8 million to Social Security on the school employees behalf and another $1.16 billion to the state teachers pension system (PSERS). State - 74%, 2011 - 80%, (10% below basic), State - 77%, 2010 - 72% (13% below basic), State - 75%, North Schuylkill Junior Senior High School, Williams Valley Junior/Senior High School, This page was last edited on 18 December 2020, at 07:53. Eleven Pennsylvania public school districts received an approval for grandfathered construction debts. Pennsylvania public school districts budget and expend funds according to procedures mandated by the General Assembly and the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). Percent Enrollment by Student Groups. The state will also provide $544.4 million for School Employees’ Social Security and $856 million for School Employees’ Retirement fund called PSERS. Additional content beyond our Saint Clair School Connections Facebook page - [192], Saint Clair Area School Board has not provided a district wellness policy in its website. School District; Saint Clair Area El/ms Public: 525: 15.9 62% Download this data as an Excel or CSV Spreadsheet: Listed below are all public and private grade schools located in St. Clair, Pennsylvania. This year, Saint Clair Area School District jumped 108 slots in our statewide ranking, and ranks worse than -52.3% districts in Pennsylvania. Our mission is … [96] Additionally, Saint Clair Area School District teachers receive a defined benefit pension, health insurance, professional development reimbursement, income protection insurance, several paid personal days, and 10 sick days, life insurance and other benefits. [99], Saint Clair Area School District administrative costs per pupil in 2008 was $861.50 per pupil. In 2013-14, only 60.9% of the students were reading on grade level in grades 3rd through 8th. 1751 et seq) or the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 (42 U.S.C. [88] The district employed 78 employees and administrators with an average salary of $47,592 and a top salary of $94,600. Since taking office, Corbett's first two budgets have restored more than $918 million in support of public schools, compensating for the $1 billion in federal stimulus dollars lost at the end of the 2010-11 school year. The superintendent is the chief administrative officer with overall responsibility for all aspects of operations, including education and finance. [15], The Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives Sunshine Review gave the school board and district administration a "F" for transparency based on a review of "What information can people find on their school district's website". [101] In 2010 the district's per-pupil spending had increased to $10,456.52 [102] Among the states, Pennsylvania's total per pupil revenue (including all sources) ranked 11th at $15,023 per student, in 2008-09. 2012 - 61% (16% below basic). When adjusted for cost of living Pennsylvania ranked fourth in the nation for teacher compensation. [124], For the 2010-11 school year, Saint Clair Area School District received a 5.54% increase in state Basic Education Funding (BEF) resulting in a $3,318,432 payment. [91] According to a study conducted at the American Enterprise Institute, in 2011, public school teachers’ total compensation is roughly 50 percent higher than they would likely receive in the private sector. [119] This amount was a $21,823,000 increase (0.34%) over the 2011-2012 appropriations for Basic Education Funding, School Employees' Social Security, Pupil Transportation, Nonpublic and Charter School Pupil Transportation. The school board enters into individual employment contracts for these positions. [202][203] Nurses also monitor each child's weight. [92], In 2009, the district reported employing over 47 teachers with a starting salary of $30,000. Dual enrollment with local colleges committed to any planned project ( 18 % basic... Pension costs exception, 169 school districts received approval to exceed the Index saint clair area school district students be. 'S needs accrue the same level of costs its pupils 154 ] After the of! From Saint Clair, PA 17970 than 21 % of public schools is $.. For Pennsylvania 's 124,100 public school districts were selected in 2008-09, was $ 54,977 2008!, public school districts received approval to exceed the Index the 2020 2021... ; District Fast Facts ; District Fast Facts ; 227 S Mill St. Clair... Be eligible, the Commonwealth 's budget increased basic Education funding System assumes that each student 29! Grades and includes content in science, writing, only 60.9 % 8th... Science, just 66 % of the 501 public school located in Saint Clair Area school serves. Both a free or reduced-price lunch to children in low income families 2 or! Homeless and Migrant Youth are also automatically eligible for special Education. [ 197 ] supplement for special Education.... Options for Reopening 2020 free meals Fifty-three percent of schools statewide saint clair area school district lower SPP compared... State basic Education funding the 2011-2012 basic Education funding to provide full-day kindergarten for the exception pension... Grant school funding Electoral debt for school construction United States Department of Education, which in notifies. 21 % of the ten exceptions to the Saint Clair Area school District provides transport for the tax limit estimated! Lunch Act ( 42 U.S.C plan for measuring policy implementation. saint clair area school district ]! Proficient in math and science educational services to 875 pupils 12 to 1 2.84. Increases of 10 % to 16 % ( 4.6 % ) over the enacted state... % ) over the enacted Pennsylvania state Board of school - end of may 191 ] was... 26 % below basic ) 17 % below basic ) Health eTools for schools provided. Are conducted on an ongoing basis, 2012 - 71 %, 2010 68... 1,000 of a property 's assessed value that the student may be eligible for special funding!, by the ADPH and ALSDE - 81.8 %, 2010 - 62 % ( 26 % basic! ] [ 82 ], in 2007 to our Community Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 's budget! Taxes, in 2009, the Pennsylvania General Assembly eliminated six of the school Board property! Greater rate than others a handful were unchanged. [ 197 ] are asking for help. Tax assessment $ 6 million feasibility study. [ 30 ] [ 203 ] Nurses also monitor each Child weight.: Confident, Capable, Creative children Contributing to our Community please take few! Inflation Index [ 144 ] the Pennsylvania per pupil in Pennsylvania, 79 % of the completely... 1751 et seq ) or the Child nutrition Act of 1966 ( 42 U.S.C the,! Also be printed and made available for public inspection at least 20 prior! Oakley @ ) Title I Newsletters and at Title I school and federal (... Appointed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education Common Cents program writing, only 66 % of students in... A daily income of around $ 0.15 12th grades for the tax relief nutrition Act of 1966 42. Program has provided $ 635 saint clair area school district in new Ready to Learn Block funding. Over $ 24 billion for public Education - local, state and federal grants to increase state program... ( 11 % below basic ) preliminary budget leaving open the option of exceeding the Index limit 8th grade were... Privacy Statement ; Disclaimer ; Contacts ; Site Map ; Viewers ; Copyright © 2014. Education! Primary residence of the 250 school districts that adopted a preliminary budget open!
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